As a filmmaker, I’m interested in following the Wanderer (the Individual) as they withdraw from societal rules, routines, expectations, and the things that don’t make them happy anymore.

We’ve seen so many films about someone doing something courageous that saves countless lives (or defeats the villain) and, in the end, is portrayed as heroic. But, what happens when the Individual makes a mistake? I like the idea of characters paying the price for a choice that ends in tragedy; for themselves and others. How do these characters deal with what they’ve done? How do they take responsibility? How do they find redemption? How do they pick up the pieces and move on? That dilemma is of great interest to me as a filmmaker and one I will be chasing down throughout my career.

You can see where this interest began in my debut feature, THE GOOD THIEF, which I co-wrote, directed, and produced. I took this project from script to funding, production, and distribution all myself. It was a great experience to build off of as a filmmaker. Shot on the streets of Philadelphia in 15-days with a union cast and crew, THE GOOD THIEF depicts the constant struggle between good and evil, embodied in a young man battling his destructive forces to fulfill his destiny. After our 35mm screened at various film festivals and private screenings, it was acquired for distribution by Rogue Arts and Vanguard Cinema.