This is a work-in-progress idea. This post is part of my daily writing ritual, where I write a short monologue / inner monologue in a 45-minute time block. No self-critique. I start writing and see where it takes me. This writing is initial thinking for a new script idea I’m tossing around. 

As the storm raged and rattled the room, I was still fast asleep, twisted up in the knotted covers with a dog cowering between my legs. Today was just like any other day, nothing special about it. However, today was the day that I was to be set free. Not my actual birthday; that’s in December. This new beginning is different because I am not me; I am he. He stood in the darkness like a specter, looking down at me with both fascination and pity. How odd it must be to see myself lying there. Same face. Same receding hairline. Same blue eyes. Same insecurities. Same life left to live.

I found myself deep underwater, gasping for air. The surface was too far. I’d never make it. I watched as I tossed and flailed my arms in the bed. My heart beat faster and faster. I fought for every last bit of air in my lungs. Then, nothing, I floated within a silent, inky black. From above, he grabbed my shoulders and called for me to wake up. But I couldn’t. The bed swallowed me whole. I drifted down and down out of his reach.

What? Ugh…

The idea for the STAND-IN is not as complicated as I made it out to be above. I’m not sure where I was going with that thinking. In the end, The Stand-In is about nurturing our true selves, or else. Next to all of us is a second self. This second self is ready to step into our lives at any time. They know our part backward and forwards. So these stand-ins look on at our lives with much enthusiasm. Always ready. But what happens when this shadow self becomes jealous? What happens if this stand-in steps out of the shadows and into our real lives?

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