She comes to me through the veil of sorrow. I’d sensed her reflection in my youth as she guided my efforts towards a creative nirvana. However, these memories are missing or incomplete, but still, something familiar slowly comes back into focus each day. Familiar feelings that course through my life, guiding my endeavors like a fool. I relish in this fritz and fire, exercising it through all levels of my crazy. I constantly try to reclaim my attraction with her through rapturous strokes and marks that make no sense. Most days, I make no sense. These are not for my delight but for others to decipher. I know it all means something different to someone else. Not all who seek it out will understand its meaning, but some go forward in the fog like mindless idlers. It’s more like a mirror that reflects back our lives but suggests something else entirely. Our eyes are not glass windows, and the responsibility is on us all. We get to decide what we want to see in this mirror, the light or darkness. Beyond the veil, these sorrows never cease.