This is part of my daily writing ritual where I write a short monologue / inner monologue in a 45-minute time block. No self-critique. I just start writing and see where it takes me.

So I had this dream last night.

My feet and ankles were bound up in tree roots as I wandered like a ghost down a long, broken trail. I came upon an ornate wooden door in the middle of my path. I pushed it open, and behind it was one of the most beautiful panoramas of the American West I’d ever seen. It looked like a Remmington come to life. Maybe Remmington meets Deakins in how the setting sun hung over the vistas and buttes in rich technicolor. I’m pretty sure this is John Ford Point.

In a cloud of dust, I could see something approaching from the distance. As it pulled up next to me (with no one driving), I recognized it was my viper green, 1977 Super Beetle. I hadn’t seen her since the accident with that Subaru when I blew that stop sign (by accident) and wrecked her. I opened the front trunk and found a pair of Churchill flippers and my Morey Mach-7 SS bodyboard still waiting for me inside. I got in, put it in gear, and drove off. My roots left dragging and pulling me from behind.

I wasn’t too sure where I was heading. But without a degree in whatever was the most expected, I went around and around in circles, kicking up dirt and dust, with this intuitive feeling that I was waiting to pick someone up—someone in a Brooks Brothers suit, but he never showed. I waited for this counsel high up in Liberty Place but I guess the joke was on me when they found me out. Not for stealing lunch, but for trying something new. Adding up the years hoping for a different fate. Counsel never came. The sun went down, and around and around, I went. John Ford was nowhere to be seen either.

The years circled on, and those vistas and the buttes crumbled. Those monsters crashed down and ate me up with their gnashing teeth. Maybe some other old Volkswagen can take me somewhere better. A new John Ford Point where I can put this Morey Mach-7 SS and flippers to good use.